Friday, September 03, 2010


...I've had 2 full days to capture these photos. In Ramona, fire season news can be gauged by the number of planes taking off with full, dust-stained bellies.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Great Catch on the West Walker River

Sean got skunked.
And so did Miss America. Ok, there was no actual skunk involved, but she came out smelling like a pile of stinky, rotten fish. It seems while Sean had his back turned, the little white dog just happened upon eagerly sought out with her pointy nose, a pile of smelly, dead fish left behind by some dufus fisherman lying on the shore. Not only did she seek it out, but apparently decided that she needed to roll around in it. I heard some muffled shouts from outside the camper and the next thing I know, we're sacrificing our only towel to rid Clown Dog* of the war paint left behind by her "catch." What a proud dog she was that day.
(*We've given her the affectionate nickname of Clown Dog any time she shows up in front of us with strange but colorful marks on her body. I, personally, like to call her Clownzer, for short)