Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday Night Fun

I think she picked up interpretive dancing somewhere along the lines.
Oh wait, nope, she's just chasing her fuzzy yellow tennis ball that has now been squeezed to death by her powerful chompers.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Happiness Hour

Monday, August 25, 2008

The way to a dog's heart

The Deefs is a little shy, and if her skin were not covered by fur, I think she would be blushing right now. It seems she received a little package in the mail today from her boyfriend, Farley. These 2 are getting pretty serious. The note included in the package states, "I love you more than birds..." Gasp! What's a mother to think? Deefor is still so young and I do believe Farley is quite a bit older. But, I do believe the treats included in the package have stolen both our hearts. This might be her favorite treat yet - organic peanut butter dog bone treats from the Green Bone. Maybe I should send Sean off to work with a few of these. It's probably a lot healthier for him than Jack!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Table Legs via iPhone

Dennis Prager on Sexuality (made you look)

Prager is the bomb!! (even if he's not talking about MALE sexuality)
(and even more bombalicious without commercials!)
I listen every morning 9-12am, Here's a link for the lazy. This is his best 1/2 hour this week. If one link doesn't work, try the other, it's worth the effort. Heck, the bumper music is worth it...Though I love the "Happyness Hour" bumper music ALOT more.
I'm going to have to clip the bumper music and add it to this blog.
I'll make it play when you guys visit. (ok Suzy will make it play... Oh how I love the implimentation of good ideas w/o doing the work)
I'll risk spamming your with the bumper music, because I love it that much
With out a doubt it will put a smile onyour face, as it does mine, every time!
Now I'm typing sentences like the plume...damn copy cats
One more over here in the corner just because I can!

"A woman takes as much interest when looking at a male leg, as she would when looking at a table leg" -Prager

I was rolling with laughter.

Wednesday August 13, 2008 Prager Hour #2: Male/Female Hour: The Power of the Visual

Hello Snr. Taste buds

An experiment happened today.

It didn't go so well, yet way better than I would've thought... all things considered. I think I'd try it again for a wake me up.

$.99 Store Special (a la carte):

Arizona Green Tea Pomegranate lite ENERGY DRINK (lightly carbonated in small print)


Flamin HOT
Li'mo'n Crunchy
Cheetos (made with REAL CHEESE in small print)


A snack that's not as nasty as it looks, and it matches the Beiging '08 Olympic color scheme...

English Bloke Calseti'nes (Socks for the spanglish impared)

I got a tip 30 minutes ago.

One, (well three) that I'm really liking, and liking better than the standard $20 spot. You know the kind of gift that you wouldn't buy with your own mulla, but it's kinda corky to have, and you like it because you would never have a set if it was left up to you. You've seen something like it in a magazine somewere, and they made you cock your head and say "hum".

My client said "pic three", as he opened his file cabnet full of designer English made "SEA ISLAND COTTON" socks. Pantherella's is the brand, so the tag says. A little out of my class I think. Seriously, who spends $35 a pop on socks these days?

I dug through the box to find the most excentric goofy mugs that caught my eye. A Baby Blue pair with green and navy racing blocks running from toe to shin, a brown pair with blue and orange tracers and a more standard 3 colored olive drab pair.

It may be harrasy, but I think I'm going to use them as Mnt biking socks? Ok, I may save the baby blue ones for a special one-on-one dance for the fetching Mrs. Lorenzen... Deeforloops, close your eyes chick, it's romance time.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


We need to get RW one of these so he can keep up.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My dog hates me

As of late the Deefs has found it fit to cower and hide under Suzy's desk when I come home. This is not cool. She use to poke her head out the door when she heard my truck coming into the driveway. She wouldn't run out until I turned the truck off. (I let the turbo cool for a minute before I shut down the oil burner... It's a diesel thing...chicks wouldn't understand)

Once the truck is off and I came walking into sight, she'd start wagging her stump while keeping a straight face. I don't think she knows she has a poker tell... please don't tell here if you see her, it's one of the cutes things a pup can do. The tail tells all...Back to the picture story....

I'd get half way up the drive way, the dog is still straight faced. She would ease out of the door way, hunkered down like she was hunting me. I'd jump into the "ready for anything, hands in front of me ready for a take down kind of squat" and then freeze.

A stare down to the death would ensue. Neither would blink, neither would budge, first one to move was a big fat looser.

I would win half the time, and she'd break into a full out sprint. I'd do my best Joker laugh as she came barreling in. She'd put the stoppers on right in front of me, never able to skid to a stop with anything less than ramming speed. Sometimes I'd move out of the way and she'd skid right by and pull the classic Willey Coyote move and double back. You know the move that the Coyote would pull as he left Terra Firma, missing the Road Runner, and running off the cliff. She was still in skid mode flying past me and trying to run back to me all at the same time, she's still moving away from me, but doing her darnedest to grab traction with her 4 little paws to hit the bulls eye, I call my shins.

We'd unite, I'd pick her up, smack her on the hollow chest making an obnoxious thud, as I'd tell her "you a good girrrrl". All was good until I let her down. She'd immediately hunker down again, and scan the yard for the evening rabbits.

As of late, she no longer gives me the poker face with the poker tell of a wagging sausage, she doesn't even come to the door to investigate... She knows it's "the one". It's that guy with the loud paintball gun.

I made the mistake of firing off a couple of paintball rounds. No not at her, but she was standing around me and it must shocked her. She hates noises now, she hates the pop of a new Snapple or Starbucks bottle, she runs if something falls off the counter, and she cowers in her corner when I come home.

I need help, I want my knuckle-headed happy go lucky dog back.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Global Warming

On the Way to Petco Park

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Outdoor Office

So, I was driving by Starbucks the other day and noticed it was looking more like a beach club than a coffee shop. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but I parked the Tacoma (Yep, Plume, a Tacoma!), got myself a drink, plopped down in the orange cushion, opened up my laptop and proceeded to get some work done. I have to admit, I'm taking quite a liking to this new Starbucks vibe. It's got a mod summer feeling going on. Is this just a So Cal look? Has Starbucks taken a last ditch effort at squeezing every last drop of summer out of the season? Or are they color coordinating with their new Orange Mango Banana Vivanno? Whatever it is, my computer and I love it. It's relaxing and energizing all at the same time. My Mac and I can get a lot of work done this way, yes we can. And so while the couple across from me continued to speak of important business matters and real estate dealings, I discreetly pulled my point & shoot out of my adorable little bag and took a pic of my surroundings to share with you all.
And yes, I do realize I am opening myself up for much scrutiny and nay-saying for even mentioning the "S" word, but as you've probably learned by now, the Lorenzens don't hide much. It'll make for some interesting comments at least.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics - c. 1984

Note my sister and me walking toward the, uh, structure in the bottom part of the picture.
I'm the little one.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Velvet Nose

Take 1.
Ah crap. Only I could forget to set the timer.

Take 2.
I'm your mother and I will kiss your velvet nose if I want to. Now hold still.

Take 3. Surprise!


This would be my office space, refreshment station, and blogging post as of late.

Snapple at $0.66666669 a bottle is a deal. It fits into my daily lunch budget of $3.

I recently raised my budget 33% because 2 tacos and 1 chicken sandwich from Jack in the Box was getting old after 4 yrs. I splurge now. Taco Bell and In-N-Out regularly make the menu since my self inflicted budget now permits.

Sunflower seeds pop from my mouth, to my fingers, then to the truck's floorboard. I'm usually a spitter, but 65mph and seeds don't mix. I was finding the little boogers in the most peculiar places around the cab. They would double back on me without warning. So, the floorboard is where they reside until I find a good place to kick them out.

Why you ask? Well seeing as it's the "in thing" to do on blogs, and I'm fighting my way to the top, I figured I'd delight you with my eating habits. So, I realized it's not as romantic as some of these cute breakfasts that I see some of the ladies downing, but it all ends up in the same place anyway right? Who needs dainty tea cups and pastel plates for your meal?

Here, here, for 2 tacos a chicken sandwich, and the occasional medium rare cheese burger, light grilled onions, add pickles, mustard, and a fry light, all conveniently packaged in paper, denoting their birth place.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Water Dog

How else are the girls supposed to keep cool while taking up temporary residence "down the hill?"

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I'm pretty sure she was headed for the island.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

All of this in the back of a truck

Um, Ok, So we're like how old?

Only a big rig like this can lure the retired next door neighbors-to-my-parents out in the heat of the summer. And boy, were they curious! I don't know about you, but where I come from this is dubbed a vehicle only a snowbird would drive. But here we are, ready to take on lots of new adventures in our camper. Watch out friends and family, if you live within driving distance of us, you never know when we might stop by (but at least we won't need a spot on your couch to sleep).


Monday, August 04, 2008

At least it's a DRY Heat (*insert sarcasm)

You would say that if you've never been to Arizona in the so-hot-and-humid-you-sweat-just-standin'-still, middle-of-summer!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

AVP Tour - Sean's Post

AVP Tour - Suzy's Post