Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Down by the Pond - Part II

We spotted this elusive fox while playing with the puppies down by the pond yesterday. He appeared to be having a good time in the water.

Down by the Pond

Papa dog decided to take his puppies down to his favorite spot on the ranch - down by the pond. These puppies grow a little more every day and it is fantastic to be able to watch them grow into their gangly little legs as they run, jump and play with each other and the big dogs.


Friday, January 27, 2012


8-week-old-bundles-of-energy for sale!

Purebred AKC registered German Short Haired Pointers. Mom and dad are at the house.

- (2) rare solid liver colored. There was a 2 year waiting list for our solid liver male father, and we lucked out. He produced 2 beautiful solid liver (brown) pups.
- (2) white with big brown spotted females. We were shooting for non ticked colored offspring, and mom and dad delivered. Mom has brown freckles on her nose and I'm sure these 2 white pups will have freckles as well.
- Mom won her first JR Puppy Pointing Test 1 year ago, and has a long lineage of Hunting Champs with Sequoia Breeders. Dad has as hunting lineage as well. Their pedigrees are listed here:
America's Pedigree
Reagan's Pedigree
- Born on 11/30/2012
- Tails professionally docked and stitched.
- Dewclawed and stitched.
- Proof of shots upon delivery.
- pups were raised in our home and given lots of love and attention and are great with small children handling them carefully. They are completely socialized
-At 7 weeks they are almost potty trained. We put in the effort and time and they know to hold it until they get outside. Night time runs are necessary if you don't want any accidents as their little bladders are not large enough to make it through the nights just yet. Again we invested the time and effort so you don't have to.
- $650

Sean@ lorenzindustries.com
619 300 3351


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Properly Introducing...

...Samantha Herlinda Lorenzen
Born November 20, 2011
at 4:30 pm
6lbs 5oz


Thursday, January 05, 2012

A few additions to the ranch

We had a hectic end-of-the-year here at the ranch. We welcomed our first born daughter, Samantha Herlinda Lorenzen (a proper post on her will follow soon) on 11-20-2011, followed 10 days later by 4 little German Shorthaired Pointer puppies.
For those of you interested in purchasing a puppy, you can read all about our adventures with the mom and dad in the posts below. We've made sure to give all of our dogs fantastic lives full of adventure and are excited to see their little pups go off to good homes.
December 2010 (Puddle Jumpers and After the Rain)
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September 2010 (The Great Catch on the West Walker River)
August 2010 (Loon Lake, Whitney, Introducing Captain Ronald Reagan, Laughter is Good Medicine for the Soul)
June 2010 (The Floppiest Ears I Ever Did See, Miss America Takes on the Beach at Del Mar)
May 2010 (A New Pooch)