Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chasing the Afternoon Light

Sammy and I wandered outside to look for the "lost" brown dogs this afternoon. Although raining this morning, the afternoon light was peaking through the clouds and the ground was fresh with "winter" rain and the temperature was just right to do a little exploring so we grabbed the camera and headed out. After hearing coyote howls in the distance and not knowing whether they were coming or going, we stopped under the tree on the way to the pond. And I set Sammy down on the unstable ground and I waited. And I watched. And I clicked. I love seeing the world through her eyes. As though everything is new. Every stick "needs" to be picked up and every rock really "should" be examined up close. And we called, "Ronald. Dog, dog!" because, quite honestly, those are the only two words she actually uses with reference and with force. And as we watched our afternoon light get lost behind the clouds those pesky brown dogs appeared. Frisky and browner than usual and dripping with pond water


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