Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moab, Utah - Arches National Park

We took the trek out to Delicate Arch expecting to get a few great shots at sunset. What we did not expect, was the ginourmous crowd that had gathered out in the middle of nowhere with the same idea. So, we decided to go where the other photographers were not and got some unique perspectives.

If you stand underneath it, you get a very clear sense of why it is named delicate arch!

Just as the sun had set a group of about 20 kids appeared out of nowhere. I'll admit, it was quite hilarious. We had so many questions: Is this a school trip? (I want to send my kids to that school because I never got to do anything this cool when I was in school) Why didn't they get here before the sun set? (I can only imagine the process it took to get them there!) How will they trek the 2 miles safely back to their waiting caravans in the dark? (Oh wait, I remember seeing a flashlight or two) How did the chaperones stay so calm with all these kids running around near cliffs and underneath a potentially collapsible arch? (I don't think it helped when all the kids gathered under the arch for a photo and Sean yells: "Watch out! It's falling!)

As soon as the kids left, we realized we were alone. Sometimes you get the best shots when everyone else thinks there is no reason to stay and shoot. Or was there a good reason they were all gone? Shoot! I probably should have checked the signs at the ranger station to see if there are any creepy crawly monsters that come out at night around these parts!



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