Friday, August 22, 2008

Dennis Prager on Sexuality (made you look)

Prager is the bomb!! (even if he's not talking about MALE sexuality)
(and even more bombalicious without commercials!)
I listen every morning 9-12am, Here's a link for the lazy. This is his best 1/2 hour this week. If one link doesn't work, try the other, it's worth the effort. Heck, the bumper music is worth it...Though I love the "Happyness Hour" bumper music ALOT more.
I'm going to have to clip the bumper music and add it to this blog.
I'll make it play when you guys visit. (ok Suzy will make it play... Oh how I love the implimentation of good ideas w/o doing the work)
I'll risk spamming your with the bumper music, because I love it that much
With out a doubt it will put a smile onyour face, as it does mine, every time!
Now I'm typing sentences like the plume...damn copy cats
One more over here in the corner just because I can!

"A woman takes as much interest when looking at a male leg, as she would when looking at a table leg" -Prager

I was rolling with laughter.

Wednesday August 13, 2008 Prager Hour #2: Male/Female Hour: The Power of the Visual


Blogger lorenzstudio said...

I listened & I laughed.

9:42 PM  

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