Monday, March 23, 2009

What the hell are we gonna do with that thing?

"What the hell are we gonna do with that thing?"
I thought it was an appropriate response at the prospect of trading our Dune Buggy for a Hot Rod.

But now I know better.
This thing is freakin' cool!

I'm fascinated by
the nostalgia of it.
I can't help but wonder at all the different people that have sat in this thing through its long and varied 78 year history.

I'm in love with the fact that
total strangers squeal with delight and point when they see it driving by.
It's quite the conversation starter.

I'm a little intrigued when
total strangers take pictures.
Do they want to buy it? Do they want to show it to their buddies? Or do they want to build one themselves one day?

I laugh a little when
passerby's jump when Sean honks the, "Uuuuuhoooogaaaaah" horn.
Actually, I turn my head because I'm a little embarrassed, but I make sure to catch their reaction out of the corner of my eye.

So, the answer to the question, "What the hell are we gonna do with that thing?" is that we are going to cruise around in our 1931 Ford Model A (it's predecessor being the Model T with wooden wheels!) and enjoy owning a little piece of history.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's bout time you posted a little Suzi you must of got my e-mail from work. What # did I pull, when do I getta take a cruise?....oh I'm so happy..giggle..giggle..can't wait for my first ride!! (what can I say it the little thrill's in life as you get older..this will make my week..month..whatever.) I still can't believe Gabriel passed up the opportunity...
Luv ya both mucho
Mom 8}

9:11 PM  
Blogger Melissa Koehler said...

OMG!! Look at that thing. It looks fun! I just can't keep up with the two of you :)xo

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can't keep up with ourselves.

Me and Suzy often discuss how we're able to spend more quality time with Tom and Cory than we're able to with our friends who live in San Diego. There's something fractured and wrong when your friends from Boulder feel closer than the those in your home town of San Diego. It takes a 1-2 week vacation to get in quality time.

I think we're just too spread out in SD. It still takes 30min to 1hr to get to church or to our closest friends home. A 45min late night drive home from movie night isn't something to look forward too.

On the other hand... Better get, while the gettin' is good. We have no time in our schedule because were working Monday-Sunday. Some folks don't have a job. I keep telling myself to slow down and take a breather... The reality is there will be a time an place for that. Right now we've set ourselves up to be as productive as possible... Kids kill productivity... There's a season for everything.


12:06 PM  

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