Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dr Laura got a bit ahead of heself

In response to Dr Laura's blog post on the Palin Family structure.

This really ticks me off. Dr Laura is full of it, and has become her own worst enemy at the moment. DL I love ya, but the over the top commetary can be quilled for the moment, the other side is providing plenty of fotter, no need to contribute... Mam, may I respectfully ask, not right now, not just yet, in due time please.

I absolutely believe 1 parent needs to be home all the time. We (Lorenzens') have set ourselves up for this when the time comes. Suzy will be home raising our children. Dr Laura paints a picture that would eliminate me as a parent and may infer, to those not familiar with the radio show, that a male parent is not fit to serve as a full time stay at home dad. Her statements taken to their ends would depict this, yet I don't think Dr Laura believes this if asked plainly: Do you believe a stay at home dad fits into the family structure?

It has not been widely spread in the media yet, but Todd Palin will be cutting back on his oil field job and his fishing business should his wife be elected VP. Let's take a quick step back and ask ourselves what spouse of the President or VP has kept their day job? The answer is none in recent history. Yet, Dr Laura paints a picture of the Palin Family that isn't true, somewhat unfair, and very premature.

Dr. Laura got ahead of herself by putting junk like this on her blog with out letting the structure of the Palin family home play out, and it speaks to Dr Laura's agenda. The agenda is a great one, but pretty transparent, and easily questioned by her/our opponents on the liberal left. An agenda is great, an over zealous transparent, hole ridden agenda gives fuel to a fire that isn't needed.

Dr Laura stated, "When Mom and Dad both work full-time (no matter how many folks get involved with the children), it becomes a somewhat chaotic situation"

Bottom line, Dr Laura's blog statement is wrong and presumptuous, Todd Palin is not keeping his day job or his fishing business and leaving his children to be raised by his family members. Family will undoubltly be a huge help in the Palin Family. I'm sure Dr Laura's statement will be retracted soon enough, but in the mean time, Dr. Laura is doing a disservice to the cause of stay at home parenting.

Sean Lorenzen
(Hat tip to Tira for pointing us to Dr Laura's blog. WakayamaMammaBlog)

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Blogger The Noisy Plume: said...

I know a couple of full time dads. They do a great job! You would too Sean (pity Suzy will have to stay home with the rugrat instead...which reminds me...those plastic thingys in the last post would make great homemade popsicle sticks).

1:20 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

I want so dearly to be a stay at home dad.... AFTER the kid has a personality.

A pooping, spitting up, googoogaagaa, sack of taters is not something I'm interested in watching, feeding, changing, waking up to, or providing for 24/7. Frankly Suzy would have a hell of alot more fun and enjoyment watching a kidlet open it's eyes, play with it fingers, and grow up and through the baby stage.

We've talked about this, and Suzy will be doing the majority of caretaking through the infant stage. I'll pick up when the kid can walk, talk, and ride a bike. I'll admit it, I'm not so interested until then.

It was my idea to pay to have twins. (Suzy says she's too small for that, but the jury's still out in my mind) I'd spend a couple thousand $ in invetro fertalization to get the infant stage over and done with in 1 fell swoop... Practicality is my strong point leading to my fall.

Twins then adoption a couple years later to have our own little United Nations. I'm really excited about being able to change a kids life who otherwise would be left to fend for themselves in 3rd world nation.

1:51 PM  
Blogger mme. bookling said...

I find Dr. Laura irritating most of the time anyway, but in this post she mentions the word right/wrong and I have a hard time with her deciding what is right/wrong for the Palin family. This type of judgment and single-mindedness is why I stay out of political banter.

BUT...I agree about Dad's COMPLETELY. (and sean, joel shares your sentiment about babies...)

2:23 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

I'm not sure of your beliefs bookling, but as Christians I am called to judge... We're to judge right from wrong AND call it out per se'. There's a whole bunch of caviates of when and when not to go public with right and wrong, but, point being, we're called to confront wrong.

This is easily seen in our court system. "Your not proven guilty until you're judged by a jury of your peers"

I understand it's goes against the grain of our 2008 Politically Correct World as you alluded, and I'll conceed that this "Judgment" thinking is provocative in some churches but... "For wrong, to persist, a good man only has to say nothing. (You can place your own cliche' here.)

You said you don't judge, but the very fact that "judging" is "not cool" is a judgement in itself.

I'll prod anybody reading, to pick a set of morals that are bigger than yourself, AND stick to them until your persuaded of a better set of morals. Have a backbone in sticking up for your set of beliefs. I'll capitalize gettting a set of morals BIGGER THAN YOURSELF part because that's essential... Swinging to and fro based on ones feeling is foolish, and leads to all kinds of psycosis'. So pick something bigger than you, anything will work actually, and measure life against it. It will make you sane, as your feeling are anything but.

"[This] is why I stay out of political banter." -bookling

Yeh, right...Bookling staying out of banter, who you kidding... I like you the more for it. You'll voice an opinion vs kissing ass. Smoochy, smoochy, kissy, kissy all the time can make the most chickedy chicks roll thier eyes.

3:28 PM  
Blogger mme. bookling said...

ethics as a theological argument is tiresome and boring - and i am over it "as a christian."

i cannot possibly call out others on their choices when 1) i have no personal relationship with them and 2) when their lives are dicated by a DIFFERENT set of morals than mine.

For the record, I never said I didn't judge; however, cool or not cool has very little to do with my decision to refrain from judgement, but thanks for lumping me in with the trendy wendys from the X gen! :)

philosphical banter, yes. heck, any kind of banter, yes! opinionated? oh hell yes. but political banter, boring...and pointless. (to me)

see me banter about it! :)

3:36 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

I ALMOST always pass on theology and political banter as well. Not because it's boring, but it get's emotionally charged too quickly and topics go aria. Points are confused and clarity suffers.

All of this Palin finger pointing, Mother and Daughter included, has really really pissed me off. Thus a "3rd person post" on the subject. Funny thing is, the other side may have "woken a sleeping giant" in the process of trying to take down mother and daughter.

I'm usually the guy who plans on voting, but ends up making it to the poles 50% of the time. Not this time baby, I'm pissed, so are the rest of us "Confused Conservative" as I've heard us called in the last couple of days.

4:29 PM  
Blogger The Noisy Plume: said...

1. "A pooping, spitting up, googoogaagaa, sack of taters is not something I'm interested in watching, feeding, changing, waking up to, or providing for 24/7"

...funny...I share this same outlook. Perhaps Suzy can take care of my baby whenever I have one and when the silly thing hits 5, I'll take over.

2. "I want so dearly to be a stay at home dad.... "

Sean, you're talking like a chick without even trying:)

3. I agree with defining between right and wrong Sean. I rarely take the plunge here in the blogosphere because I don't want to alienate my readers who usually read my blog solely for the purpose of seeing what new jewelry I have created. I'm not sure they would be tolerant of my views if ultra liberal or ultra conservative...which isn't to say that I'm moderate in anyway. I'm a conservative libertarian (in that l have a conservative outlook on life, it's how RW and I BOTH live, but we don't believe legislating morality is right OR in a huge government dictating our every move....I think everyone should be free to live their lives however they want to because in the end they are going to answer to God, not me, and He is the ultimate judge).

Do I believe in a black and white right and wrong?
Do I hold others accountable to my same standards?
Not unless their standards are to "love the Lord God with all their hearts and to love their neighbors as they'd love themselves..."

I love you both.
I bloody wish to heck you would move to Idaho -- the land of sweet sweet milk and honey.

8:13 PM  
Blogger The Noisy Plume: said...

PS I just noticed all of your new links on the left side of the blog...I'm laughing my


8:15 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

If taking our link off the Plumes blog gets us a Jillian that can open up about the more substantial things in life, and not worry about buisness, then I'll call fair trade. Funny thing is I thought you saw the more provocative links on the side, like:

"Dennis Prager's Column

* On Shooting Taggers: Why Conservatives and Liberals Differ"

And I thought that was why the LorenzStudio link got the proverbial boot. It sounds like it was the global warming swindle post, or the AM Radio post that got us kicked off? Ha, I enjoyed conjuring the ways that lead to my dismissal.

More to point 3:
I thought long and hard about putting a the Bible verse and "Sean's Version" on the front of my business' website. You can see it here.

You know the sad thing; something I'm not so proud of... It took a the death of Greg Boardman, my direct competition in the Dodge Suspension Industry to proclaim my values openly, concisely, and without doubt when conducting business. I was afraid it may cost me business, but frankly, a sale means shit when a man dies and you have doubts weather he knew GOD.

I went toe to toe with the man publicly for years on the internet, face to face, and over phone calls. I had this to say when he passed. "I hope his family is left with pride in knowing how Greg lead his life."

This is absolute bull honky BS nonsense when I clearly had so many opportunities. I had the opportunity to show him Christ, the opportunity to show that Christ and his followers are not prudes, and us Christians can battle toe to toe with anybody, even the "Boardman." He would've respected that coming from me... I think, even if he was a believer when he met GOD face to face.

I still don't know the mans beliefs, and I'm saddened to know that he didn't know mine. I walked away from 1: A beautiful opportunity, 2: A relationship, and 3: A mans death, and I'm only able to say "lesson learned o' baby Christian." What a kick in the pants that realization was... so little, and way to late on that one Sean.

Jillian, trust me when I say I had you, your business, your audience and your beliefs in the back of my head when I decided to turn this chick blog into something with a hair more depth. I think folks should know why 'ol Plume is so happy. I think they need to know what animates her beyond the superficial of this world. Frankly your audience should know that you believe in GOD and it is this that animates the happy go luck, hard working, business savvy artesian known as the Plume.

Business owner to business owner, it will be fine in the end, you'll loose a sale or two guaranteed. You may even guarder a nasty comment or two that will leave you scratching your head. You'll be called a hypocrite by those who don't know what hypocrite means, and think Christians believe themselves to be perfect...But I will also guarantee, folks are watching, you have an audience, and you WILL lead a soul, maybe two, onto a better path whether or not your lucky enough to have know. Let 'em know why the Plume is the way she is.

Dobson said the best forms of persuasion are often the small ones that happen when you don't realize. Your writing, your kooky bird thing you have going on, the funny one liners... all of them are your best forms of persuasion. Don't let entertainment and musing be reason alone for your blogging.

Don't get all evangelical, and Christianese on me either... I'll stop reading if that happens.

Clear, concise, leaving no doubt.

Chick to Honorary Chick,

10:59 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

"We're to judge right from wrong AND call it out per se'." -Sean

"i cannot possibly call out others on their choices when..." -bookling

VERY small distinction, HUGE implication.

Your right draping an adulteress woman with the scarlet letter and point fingers while casting stones is something Jesus admonished. Distinguishing right from wrong is something he advocated.

11:09 PM  
Blogger mme. bookling said...

i appreciate your point of view, but don't think that calling me out on mine is the best way to love someone you have never met and have no idea where their spiritual journey has been and is going. it's the conversations out of context of relationship that christians are so good at - and that can be a bit unsafe.

Again. There has to be room for personal convictions to be just that - personal.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

I don't think we got into our convictions or points of view enough to call one out on them...? Much less have an argument about them. If you feel I called you out, then I apologize. If your peeved because there's a right and wrong and I feel wrong needs to be judged, then I'm not so apologetic.

Your right, and I concede again on this point. I don't know you, and the way in which this conversation got sideways is dually noted.

Let's move on "point counter point" to keep things clear... This may be were we got sideways...or we can move on to the next post, and patronize each other all over again?

11:57 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

Excuse me while I pull my foot out of my mouth.

We were not dismissed, we were renamed. "My Favorite Sean and Suzy"

This whole week I had to type in our own URL rather than click from link to link using Plumes Blog. (clicking on the links adds google power points, and drives more traffic to a site) Serves me right for navel gazing...

12:19 AM  
Blogger NixonsMamma said...

Sean, I've seen all the dads we know become "goo goo gaa gaa" over their babies...even when they have a major blowout. :)

i can't wait to see you carrying your little runt in a baby sling! (a cute one that suzy finds on her etsy shop!)

twins. yeouch! good luck nursing two, suzy! :) triple x.

LOVED Pailin's speech last night, as well as Rudi's. Gave me goosebumps! :)

And yes, Dr. Laura stepped over the line.

8:06 AM  
Blogger NixonsMamma said...

my husband had the craziest bright red imprint of his handle bars on his chest? what happened out there today? is that normal?


11:26 PM  
Blogger NixonsMamma said...

ps- sean, your bringing out my dad's east county side. i heard about you two getting together with cigars, bonfire pit, and the limbaugh letter.


my mom and i will come if you x-the cigars and add a round of "cumbiyah"

11:28 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

Girls out...Cigars in.

I wanna say sorry, but... I'm not, so I'll save it. I will take your mom up on Korean BBQ though? Think I can still invite myself over, after giving you guys the stiff arm on cigar night?

1:08 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

Handle bar branding is perfectly normal after Mnt Biking. It means he was trying hard and going for it...It's a sign of a good man.

1:11 PM  

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